Le déroulement de l’accident de Fukushima Daiichi – Source IRSN

Understanding the accident of Fukushima Daiichi NPS – Source IRSN

Fukushima Health issues after the accident – Source IRSN

Fukushima – Contamination of the environment – Source IRSN


Autorisation de diffusion – Bruno CHAREYRON Ingénieur en physique nucléaire Responsable du Laboratoire CRIIRAD

CRIIRAD Module 1 – What is CRIIRAD ? What are the objectives of this video ?

CRIIRAD Module 2 – How to measure the natural ambient level of radiation?

CRIIRAD Module 3 – Fukushima Daiichi, Radioactivity and atmosphere …

CRIIRAD  Module 4 – How to control contaminated soil samples with a DG5 or a Radex ?

CRIIRAD Module 5 – Why is it important to do measurements …

CRIIRAD Module 6 – DG5 or a Radex ?

CRIIRAD Module 7 – Presentation of the Radex 1503

CRIIRAD Module 8 – Presentation of the DG5, a gamma scintillometer — c/s

CRIIRAD Module 9 – Presentation of the LB123

CRIIRAD Module 10 –  Presentation of EPD (Electronet Personal Dosimeter)