ENG : Aspri – Hope in Fukushima (Source J.Jousan)

ASPRIIt’s not everyday that you hear good news about Fukushima. This is a story of local farmers building hope and community. Inspiration for the farmers of Fukushima and farmers everywhere. Please share with everyone you know and if you are as moved by their story as we did, please donate even a just little and you too can be a part of the important process of building hope in Fukushima. It is possible to be part of this great project of hope whereever you are on the Planet via Paypal to :  ichikaraya088@gmail.com


This video has been made by « Jeffrey Jousan » : Born in Tenafly, New Jersey, Jeffrey Jousan is a audiophile recordist/engineer, producer, location coordinator and interviewer. Passionate about high quality sound, on location, on set or in the studio, he knows the power of sound adds emotion and life to video. In addition to great sound and stunning images, the subjects of interviews must feel comfortable and trust their interviewer. Jeffrey, quickly puts his interviewees at ease, with jokes, a story or shared experience, a soft tone of voice and focused, compassionate attention which brings a natural frankness and intimacy to the Interviews. Jeffrey has been working with Kugi Productions. The founders are Paul Johannessen, Jeffrey Jousan and Ivan Kovac – three film-makers who were all living in Japan during the disaster in 2011 (Women of Fukushima is the first production produced by « Kugi Productions »). On top of that He’s working for Studio J and other projects.

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